We exist to support survivors.

  • Telephone Advocacy

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the crisis line provides support and information to survivors of sexual assault, as well as their family and friends. The line is maintained around the clock, day and night, by trained volunteer advocates and staff. Callers are able to ask questions, express feelings, or just have someone to listen to them at a time when they need it most.

  • Hospital Accompaniment

    Trained advocates respond to area hospitals to be of support any time a survivor needs us. You do not have to report the rape to the police in order to have an advocate join you. However, if you choose to report the rape to police, they will call for an advocate to come to the hospital.

  • Survivor Advocacy

    Championing those in need, Mary’s Place is able to advocate on an administrative level when insensitivity is shown by any official or agency.

  • Counseling Services

    The journey from victim to survivor can be difficult to navigate on your own. Whether it’s a few days after the abuse or years later, our staff understand the mental and emotional impact of sexual assault. We offer free, confidential counseling services to survivors of sexual violence as well as anyone who has been impacted. Our goal is to help you heal from issues stemming from the trauma, to cope with the immediate crisis, and to regain your sense of control and trust. Counseling appointments are made by calling our office at 912.233.3000.

  • Support Groups

    When survivors of sexual assault are looking for ways to cope, somewhere to be heard, Mary’s Place offers a six-session program for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

  • Victim Notification Portal

    The Sexual Assault Kit Victim Notification Portal was created in 2017 to assist survivors who believe their kits may not have been previously tested. Survivors can visit notify.svrga.org to establish their preferences regarding notification of reopened investigations and prosecutions.

  • Self Defense

    Mary’s Place is able to direct inquiries about ongoing self-defense courses and assist in sharing basic verbal and physical techniques.