SAVANNAH NOW: Mary’s Place director- April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month


April 4, 2024 – Doris L. Williams, the Director of Mary’s Place, has published an article on Savannah Now that highlights the efforts of her organization during April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, to support women in need. The piece discusses the organization’s history, its mission to combat sexual assault, and the various community events planned for the month. These events are designed to raise awareness, support survivors, and foster connected communities. The column further emphasizes the importance of community participation and the role of Mary’s Place in providing services and advocacy for those affected by sexual violence.

“Sexual assault touches every community within our region, and I want all these communities to know that Mary’s Place is here for them to support survivors and prevent future incidents. We encourage the community to join our mission and participate in this year’s exciting lineup of events- whether it be as a supporter, volunteer or sponsor,” said Doris L. Williams, Executive Director.

A summary of some of the key points of the column:

  • Mary’s Place Advocacy: The article emphasizes the role of Mary’s Place in advocating for sexual assault prevention and supporting survivors since its establishment in 1975.

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month: April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and Mary’s Place is at the forefront of hosting events and initiatives to raise awareness.

  • Building Connected Communities: This year’s theme focuses on building connected communities, which aligns with Mary’s Place’s long-standing mission.

  • Executive Director’s Message: Doris L. Williams, the Executive Director, invites all communities within the region to support survivors and join the mission to end sexual violence.

  • Variety of Events: Mary’s Place has organized a diverse lineup of events, including Jeans for Justice, Solidarity Walk, educational summits, and benefit nights.

  • Jeans for Justice: A month-long initiative that uses the symbolism of jeans to bring attention to sexual assault and advocate for justice.

  • Solidarity Walk: An event at Forsyth Park to show support for survivors and raise awareness about the services offered by Mary’s Place.

  • Responders Summit: A free training initiative for professionals dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault.

  • Lip Sync Competition: A fundraising event featuring a lip sync contest, food, cocktails, and a silent auction to benefit Mary’s Place’s mission.

  • Comprehensive Services: Mary’s Place provides a 24/7 crisis line, hospital accompaniment, support groups, educational outreach, and more.

  • Inclusivity: The nonprofit acknowledges that sexual violence affects all communities, regardless of sex or gender identity, and aims to reduce stigma and increase support.

For more detailed information and to read the entire essay, you can visit the original article on the Savannah Now website.

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